Couple & Family Therapy

Couples Therapy

Has your communication felt broken? Have new changes in life, job, or family caused disagreements? Perhaps, your intimacy is feeling a bit off lately. Couples therapy is a good place to relearn or even develop a love language.

The therapists at S & J Wellness will meet you and your partner exactly where you are at. We will listen to the goals you each have and develop a plan to work with you and your partner on increasing intimacy, better communication, and processing disagreements to see what the real issue is.

Family Therapy

The family structure can be complex. Communication may be off leading to tension and arguments. Perhaps, you have younger children growing into teenhood. Your family may be blended and you want to navigate bringing you all closer together.Whatever is going on with your family, our therapists are here to help. We have specialized training in working with family concerns.

What can I Expect in Therapy?

The intake process may take 1-2 sessions. The therapist may want to meet with members individually after the initial intake. The next session would involve coming together and discussing mutual goals and proceeding to either weekly or bi-weekly sessions. Sessions last for 45-55 minutes.

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