Trauma Therapy

We specialize in treating religious trauma, medical trauma, and childhood abuse/domestic violence trauma. Each of these traumas are unique.
Childhood Trauma
We understand how childhood trauma can affect the very cells of your body, nightmares, panic, and fear are all normal symptoms of growing up in an abusive environment. Childhood abuse, domestics violence, soldiers, and human trafficking survivors experience physical symptoms of their traumas. These symptoms can include heart problems, arthritis, body pain, insomnia, memory impairments, and so many more symptoms
Medical Trauma
Medical trauma is also unique. If you’ve been close to death, experienced a traumatic medical procedure, or been diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness, you likely have so many questions, fears, and anxieties. What you are feeling is normal and we want to help you make sense of this journey. Our therapists are trained in trauma, regulating the body symptoms, and guiding you to a sense of understanding of what you’ve been through and the road you are facing.
Religious Trauma
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